Stuani’s  Social Engagement

Social Responsibility has been a key feature of the Stuani S.p.A. Business Model, since its very beginning.
Stuani S.p.A. operations are located in Settimo Milanese municipality since longs years. The company is well integrated in the local business and social environments. From over five years, Stuani has been contributing to a municipal project for the transportation of disabled persons.
The Company considers its multi-ethnic staff as one of its major intangible assets, managed very carefully with the purpose to ensure its integration, involvement and participation.
The Company, every year, offers to its staff a number of training projects (on languages, technical subjects, security).
Further for its production, the Company is committed not to source materials coming from any Conflict Minerals regions.

Stuani’s Environmental Commitment

Stuani is ISO 14001 certified (Environmental Certification) since year 2004.
Its commitment in minimizing the environmental impact of its operations is on a day-to-day basis and very hands-on:

1. materials management, by minimizing or recycling production scraps,
2. production waste management, implemented since a long time,
3. the removal of asbestos from buildings of the company production site,
4. projects and ongoing commitment to the energy consumption mininmization,
5. a special focus on the of business documents digitization.


STUANI SPA Via Stephenson, 61 UFFICI: Via P.e M.Curie, 3 ( Fraz. Seguro) 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI)
C.F./ P.I./ REG. IMPRESE DI MILANO 06798480155 R.E.A. DI MILANO 1121560 CAPITALE SOCIALE i.v. Euro 550.000